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Freelance Graphic Artist,
A Clever Streamlined Solution.

Lord “You're fired” Sugar suggests during the intro for The Apprentice “We’re in a tough economic climate” and he’s right. Companies during the present economic climate need to take hold, box clever and make sure certain budgets are wisely spent.

Far too often the advertising budget is the first to go for “immediate cuts”. History dictates this is a very poor decision. Why? Because when the recession fades businesses find they have lost valuable ground on rivals who have chosen to keep their advertising toe in the water. Bringing your advertising and communication efforts to a halt will leave
a business in a very vulnerable position. With no enticing promotional material your business becomes stale and less proactive. Revenue streams slowly decrease which forces a business to enter a never ending game of catch up against competitors.

Create A Demand

It is vital a business continues to engage with it's audience even through gloomy times. By continually informing consumers of new products and key services you maintain demand, which in turn encourages repeat customers and naturally spreads awareness. The business stays up to date, sees increased sales and ultimately remains profitable.

The forward thinking operation looks to stay in contention and maintain sales through deploying the most cost effective advertising campaign for the available budget. High impact, engaging design collateral which generates results and is produced with the minimum amount of fuss.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This is why increasing numbers of businesses are looking towards the freelance graphic artist as a way of cutting costs and taking advantage of the benefits which the service provides. This is no way a new trend but one where businesses are only beginning to take note of the clear advantages. Plumbers and Gardeners are used about the home on a freelance basis and the freelance graphic artist is no different within the business sector.

Businesses are rightly using the downturn as an opportunity to take a step back and look at ways of streamlining their own indiviudal business model. When resources are tight the freelance graphic artist gives businesses flexibility, high end skill set and value for money that the more traditional methods simply can’t compete with.

Redundant 9-5 working day

Gone are the days where 9-5 working days for 47 weeks is the most efficient way to deliver a business’ creative objectives. You cannot set a person to be at their creative best at certain times, it makes sense to employ a freelance graphic artist who knows when they are at their most creative, meaning you only pay for those optimum hours. You’ll get a better result too, freelance graphic artist have a broader idea of what is currently working well within the market place having worked on a variety of projects over past months. A fresh and adaptable service which can be employed immediately for fast results.

Costly Mistakes

The other expensive avenue is the Design Agency, with account handlers, account managers, faceless designers, flash studio, fish tank and a much slower turnaround. This can prove fustrating and costly when things don't go to plan. With the freelance graphic artist you will never have the feeling that most of their attention is on their bigger spending clients - you are the client!

It doesn’t stop there, benefits also include;

• The freelance graphic artist is paid for work done, not for time in the office - no down time.
• A Freelance Graphic Artist doesn’t have costly Design Agency overheads so your money goes a lot further.
• A Freelance Graphic Artist listens and sources the best possible solution for every penny of your budget.
• A Freelance Graphic Artist doesn’t have a set 9-5 which means a quicker turn around for projects.
• A Freelance Graphic Artist will go the extra mile to make sure your project creates the maximum impact.
• A Freelance Graphic Artist can be contracted as and when needed.
• A Freelance Graphic Artist will not suggest avenues that are expensive and simply not needed.
• A good Freelance Graphic Artist will come with passionate enthusiam to give your business a successful boost.

The list could go on but the fact is world wide businesses have had to sit up and address how funds are spent in order not just to compete but to survive. A freelance graphic artist can help control costs by providing a flexible, skilled and resourceful service as and when needed.

Mark Tipton bridges the gap in the market place by providing a high level design service which was only previously available to those with large budgets. Mark aims to highlight what businesses do differently from competitors and develop that message through well thought out design ideas.

For businesses wanting to find out about creative possibilities please view Graphic Design Services for a full list of services or get in touch with Mark via the contact page.

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Mark Tipton's portfolio displays a range of work covering six graphic design services which provide businesses with a cost effect solution when looking to maximise your advertising budget. Whether you're needing a new Logo, Business Cards Promotional Material, Point of Sale, Catalogue, Magazine Advert or Website redesign Mark's Graphic Design Services cater for all requirements. For an example of what is possible please have a look through any of the following Logo Designer, Identity Design, Print Designer, Graphic Designer Illustrator, Advertising Designer and Website Designer.

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